Fairy means that word related to our life, which must have been heard from the mouth of our favorite uncle, tau, or grandmother, at some point or the other. Many times we would not have slept without fairy tales, so many times we must have also taken a dip in the myths and miracles related to fairy tales. But walking from grandmother to cartoon and then through activities full of confidence, we regained our senses, we got older. And we came to understand that fairies are just a fabricated falsehood.

But in today’s age, it is possible to see these falsehoods with our own eyes and feel the presence of fairies. But when your luck, faith, and your fearlessness are like a tilak on your forehead. Yes fairies still exist today, standing firm on this point, Khaint mountain located in the state of Uttarakhand.

Khaint mountain is a famous mountain located in Ghansali of Tehri district of Uttarakhand state, which is also called Peepal Dali. The Khaint Mountains are at an altitude of about 10500 feet above sea level.

Where fairies roam invisibly, not only fairies but also the grace of forest goddesses have made this mountain a part of mystical stories for ages.

Where the local people claim to have seen everything from forest goddesses to yakshini and flying fairies. And you guys can also feel the presence of someone other than you here.

According to local people and myths, Mount Khaint is the famous mountain of fairies. It is believed that nine goddesses reside in the nine ranges of Mount Khaint, these nine goddesses are sisters. The local people call them “Ansari” and “Bhardi”, according to the local people, these fairies reside here in an invisible form.

Also, it has been claimed many times among people that they see forest goddesses and fairies flying in the sky.

And an interesting thing related to this is that the story of a person named Jeetu is also very popular here. It is said that the fairies, attracted by the sound of Jeetu’s flute, came in front of him and took him with them. Local people believe that apart from fairies and yakshini, the nine goddesses here are forest goddesses and the queen of fairies. Due to which these fairies punish the people who make noise in this hilly area and those who wear gaudy clothes, sometimes they take them with them.

People here believe that no clothes which are made of animal fat should be worn here. That is why making noise and wearing flashy clothes is prohibited in this place.

Imagine a place where you are looking forward to visiting and as if your childhood dream of meeting fairies is about to come true. But if all the stories related to them are confusing your soul and are spreading fear in your veins, then what will you do?

Will you go on the journey of your curiosity or will you also come back from afar because of fear?

By the way, this place is drenched with nature and the beauty of this place is made to be seen. This place is not yet fully explored by humans. Due to which this place will still be a completely new experience for most people.

Here your inner feelings will open completely, a little fun, a little fear, a little unique experience of nature, a little mystery, a little curiosity, a little nervousness will give you a great experience And what is your opinion on the secrets of this place, will also give you a chance to tell it.

This place is not so famous from the point of view of tourism but this place needs fame and development. The need of which can only be fulfilled by our inquisitive and wanderers like you. So go fast and tell us which angel you met and what happened to you.

See you on the next journey till then thank you.

Thank you!