Udaipur no doubt will definitely is perfect for change of your mind because its call the city of lakes and the city of romance.udaipur also spell ‘’udaypur’’ city in southern rajasthan state, it lies in the hills of aravali range, in udaipur there has romance in the air that why udaipur has ranked best wedding destination in india.snuggling beside tranquil with sundiving evening on lake pichola with aravali ridges udaipur city makes more beautiful.

When you go around their narrow streets  you see traditional haveli temples in udaipur.

Lake Pichola adds its beauty to udaipur.

udaipur is situated in south west rajasthan.city of lakes .The bustle roaming udaipur it feels like rajputana when you view you feels heritage and royal. It’s about 65 miles from chittaurgarh.


Udaipur was discovered by maharana udai singh of mewar dynasty in1553. It was named after the king as udaipur. When udaipur was founded by the Mewar dynasty it was fertile land and hence it was declared as the new capital by the king. Before udaipur chittorgarh was the capital of mewar kingdom maharana udai singh second made the decision of shifting from chittorgarh to udaipur because of warfare,the ayad area was already known to the mewar dynasty as it served as a capital to dynasty as it served as a capital to the dynasty. As it served as a capital to the dynasty in the 10th century. The area that resides in the wall is now commonly referred as the old city.udaipur to the west lies lake pichola with its two small island and marble places one of which served as a refuge for the mughal emperor shah jahan when before his accession he revolt against his father jahangir.

udaipur princely state was established in the 8th century by sisodia rajputs.the dynasty later made a long resistance. In 1948 it merged with the union of rajasthan.


Udaipur, properly called the city of lakes, is located in southern rajasthan. The city spread over 37 square kilometres is located between 24 35 and 73 41 east and has an average elevation 24 35 north 7341 east and has average moderate temperature.

The beach river flows in the east of the city.

Udaipur falls on the north western line  of the Indian railways and is under high court and jurisdiction of its ajmer division .The railways and its connection to Delhi and Jaipur the capital of the state. The city has two railway stations, the udaipur city station and udaipur railways station.


Udaipur is situated in south west rajasthan located at the base aravalli range. The charms that udaipur holds that it has been bestowed with the venice of the east are just names which udaipur is referred to.

udaipur presents a historical  spectacle which is sure to be a major tourist attraction and udaipur is also the most awaited  india 5th destination weddings by having place and bhawans.udaipur presents a historical spectacle which is sure to spellblind every visitor with its unequal amaze.the best places in udaipur are listed here

UDAIPUR CITY PALACE  on the east bank of lake pichola,udaipur city palace is a glorious palace which comprises at four magnificent massive palaces and many palaces and many small palaces each presenting historical beauty with beautiful balconies canopies and tower the city .the city palace complex also houses a museum.

LAKE PLACE  also known as jag niwas a must place to visit in udaipur it has breathtaking surroundings.  Built between 1743 to 1746 during the rule of maharana jagat singh second this place turned hotel with historical place it’s adorned with white and black marble walls  adorned with semi precious stones accompanied by lush green garden fountains and pillared terraces.

JAG MANDIR   a summer resort and for hosting parties by the royal family jag mandir was built 1151 to1652  it’s constructed by three maharana of sisodias  rajput from mewar region the place is located on an island in lake pichola comprises of many beautiful structure its has so much tourist attraction.

MONSOON PALACE  built in 1884 by the maharna sajjan singh . The monsoon place was used as a monsoon resort; it’s also used as a hunting lodge by the royals of the Mewar kingdom. It is constructed on the dandara hills and presents its visitors with a finger biting experience when they visit the monsoon palace.

LAKE PICHOLA, an artificial freshwater tank which was built in 1362 ad lake pichola is impossible to visit on an udaipur tour on this  lake are located some of the most popular places to visit in udaipur such as the niwas and jag mandir.

There are so many places ahar museum  fateh sagar lake  saheliyon ki bari bagore ki haveli are many more historical places in udaipur.


Udaipur is a green city which is a home to a lots of flora and fauna .neighbouring areas of udaipur too are lush green have a lot of sanctuaries preserving an indegenous species of animal birds and plants these sanctuaries are open for public and be can be visited for exploring and learning about wildlife .

There are many wildlife sanctuary in udaipur  which large flora and fauna the wildlife sanctuaries are listed here 

  • Sajjangarh wildlife sanctuaries  
  • Mount abu sanctuary
  • Kumbhalgarh national park
  • Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary
  • Bagdara nature park
  • Bassi wildlife sanctuary
  • Sita mata wildlife sanctuary

The animals are found in udaipur wildlife are listed here panther wild one horn bear junglee leopard hyena sand rattle mongoose  storks the migratory birds spoonbills partridge quail 

Crane peafowl kingfishers and woodpeckers are these species found in udaipur.


Rajasthani cuisine is constant and vegetarian are based on pulses but in ad times maharajas are used to eating non vegetarian food because they have to perform war.udaipur the cuisine has been influenced by the rajput rulers who founded udaipur.

  • The royal cooks used plenty of ghee, yoghurt, chillies and garlic and ginger to match the meat making in royal foods.
  • Rajasthan’s most famous and street food dish is daal baati churma is most considered staple food in udaipur rajasthan. Dal bati churma is an iconic dish main food eat in celebrations and weddings.
  • Gatte ki sabzi is the most iconic dish in udaipur and rajasthan gatta refers to dumpling dips in masala curry.
  • Banjara murgh is a royal recipe that is prepared in mewari handi style.
  • Ker sangari is a famous pickle in udaipur made with raw and dried seed beans and berries.
  • Lal maas mutton curry its signature dish only eat and serve by rajputana and mewar rulers
  • Machali jasmadi that also for mewar rulers the royal fest and food incomplete without machali jasmandi
  • THE most famous sweet named and regarded kings of sweet in udaipur rajasthan the sweet named as ghevar it soaked topped ghee and nutty thick layer in ghevar .
  • Ghevar is specially made in sawan and teej.


SUMMER IN UDAIPUR summer in udaipur starts from march and june the summer season is not favourable to travel udaipur in summer season.

MONSOON IN UDAIPUR   monsoon in udaipur starts from july and ends in september the temperature is moderate monsoon is best season to travel.

Winter is the best time to visit udaipur. Winter in udaipur starts from october and ends in march. The weather is awesome for sightseeing cold days are best 

To travel udaipur.


In summer there is a very hot climate which is not favourable to travel udaipur in monsoon temperature is moderate best time travel udaipur winter is also favourable to travel udaipur.


Udaipur Rajasthan has a rich tradition of many types . a typical dance of udaipur rajasthan is ghoomar ghoomar is special perform by royal womens and maharanis on their festival on marriage .in udaipur rajasthan they perform gangaur puja specially by unmarried women they pray to parvati mata for good husband.

Another festival is performed by pushkar mela hindu pilgrims during celebrations in their rural area.

Suraj kund mela is also famous at udaipur. In weddings they have to wear rajasthani lehenga and nath .


By air the nearest airport  is Maharana pratap airport which makes udaipur accessible from all major cities delhi mumbai and pune.

By train udaipur railway station is connected to all major cities.

By road private buses have all access to major cities