“Where dreams end

this kingdom started from there

as the capital of the clouds,

Meghalaya became the master of nature”

Abode of Clouds; That is, the place where the clouds live or come more, and where the clouds come more, you can imagine the beauty of that place.

                  From a sea of gentle white clouds, proud hills rise – dappled in every shade of green, with waterfalls spilling down their lengths. Yes, this is Meghalaya the state known as the “abode of clouds”. Move a little closer and you will notice a whole world captured in the embrace of emerald-green forests where small streams twist and turn. You will catch the glimmer of serene lakes, where shades of blue and green seep into each other. Turn your gaze to the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya and there lies Shillong ” the capital of Meghalaya” which was affectionately referred to as the “Scotland of the East” by the Britishers. If heaven is a place on earth, then that place is Meghalaya.

Yes, what is written in the above lines is true. You will find such tableaux of beauty in India, it will be impossible to take your eyes off, and one such state is Meghalaya, the beauty here as soon as you enter here. As soon as you enter here, the beauty of this place will make you her slave, I am not sure, so let’s take a short walk on such a walk that you will probably remember for seven births.

And those who dream will experience them, Where the rain will make you romantic Where the valleys will make you an explorer Where the mountains will tell your lips Let’s smile, Where the transparent rivers will show you your inner soul, where the culture will tell you that Hey guest, come again soon.

Geographical View

Yes, Meghalaya means the place where the clouds play, talk and allows him to touch, let’s go on the imaginary journey of Meghalaya.

Meghalaya is one of the Seven Sister States of northeast India. The state of Meghalaya is mountainous, with stretches of valley and highland plateaus, and it is geologically rich. It consists mainly of Archean rock formations. These rock formations contain rich deposits of valuable minerals like coal, limestone, uranium, and sillimanite.

Meghalaya, the state of India, is located in the northeastern part of the country. It is bounded by the Indian state of Assam to the north and northeast and by Bangladesh to the south and southwest. The state capital is the hill town of Shillong, located in east-central Meghalaya.

Historical View 

During the British rule of India, the British imperial authorities nicknamed it the “Scotland of the East”. Meghalaya was previously part of Assam, but on 21 January 1972, the districts of Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia hills became the new state of Meghalaya. English is the official language of Meghalaya.

Hills, Region, And Rivers

Meghalaya has many rivers. Most of these are rainfed and seasonal. The important rivers in the Garo Hills region are Ganol, Daring, Sanda, Bandra, Bugai, Dareng, Simsang, Nitai, and the Bhupai. In the central and eastern sections of the plateau, the important rivers are Khri, Umtrew, Digaru, Umiam or Barapani, Kynshi (Jadukata), Umngi, Mawpa, Umiam Khwan, Umngot, Umkhen, Myntdu, and Myntang. In the southern Khasi Hills Region, these rivers have created deep gorges and several waterfalls.

Meghalaya Tourism

Here you can easily come by air flight or train from any corner of the world, And you can start the journey from anywhere because there is such a miracle of nature that every corner will make you feel in the lap of nature,

We will start with Shillong, which is not only the capital here but also the busiest city here, which will introduce itself to its beauty. Shillong is not only called the Rock Capital of India but also the Rock Capital of the world Because two out of every three people here know how to play instruments, shocked aren’t you?

                               yes it is completely true

Located in Shillong, the police market is known for its cheap and best market, from here you will do shopping, No no, I am not saying this, your mind will say it, and then climb up to Shillong View Point from where the whole of Shillong’s view will mesmerize you. And most tourists come here from all over the country and abroad to see the whole scene from this Shillong Air Base only. 

Then we will go to the Don Bosco Museum and learn about nature and will travel towards the Lake of Words, where visiting is equivalent to a trip to Paradise. 

And after this, we will go to plateaus, mountains, and trails, here Elephant Falls, Karang Suri Falls, famous, but they have so much power that they will make you their lover, After this, India’s highest waterfalls NohKaLikai Falls is here Which is also a tourist paradise.

Here is the Masami Caves, one of the longest caves in the world’s Discover Caves, which will make you feel the wonder of this place, 

                       Also, if you do not enjoy seeing Latalam Canyons, then please do not come again to Meghalaya, because this place is a paradise for nature lovers.

Talk about rivers, lakes, then here is Words Lake, Umiam Lake, Ungot River which are known for their transparent water,

Here 70% of the population prefers to live in Bamboo House, along with this there is also a double-decker root bridge made by the trees themselves, which speaks of the miracle of nature.

List Of Some Famous Places To Visit And Distance

  • Nohkalikai Waterfalls (54 km from Shillong)
  • Double Decker Living Root Bridge (65 km from Shillong)
  • Mawsynram (65 km from Shillong)
  • Mawsmai Cave (58 km from Shillong)
  • Mawphlang Sacred Forest (25 km from Shillong)
  • Krem Liat Prah (58 km from Shillong)
  • Khasi Hills (46 km from Shillong)
  • Umiam Lake (15 km from Shillong)
  • Elephant Falls (12 km from Shillong)
  • Laitlum Canyon (21 km from Shillong)
  • Dawki – Umngot River(81 km from Shillong)
  • Cherrapunji (53 km from Shillong)
  • Seven Sisters Falls (58km from Shillong)
  • Siju Cave (254 km from Shillong)
  • Mawthadraishan Peak (73 km from Shillong)
  • Nartiang Monoliths (62 km from Shillong)
  • All Saints’ Church( 2 km from Shillong)
  • Spread Eagle Falls (2 km from Shillong)
  • Mary Help of Christians Cathedral (2 km from Shillong)
  • David Scott Trail (28 km from Shillong)
  • Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama (2 km from Shillong)
  • Garden of Caves (49 km from Shillong)
  • Nokrek National Park (148 km from Shillong)
  • Ialong Park, Jowai (65 km from Shillong)
  • Lady Hydari Park (3 km from Shillong)
  • Don Bosco Museum (3 km from Shillong)
  • Balpakram National Park (134 km from Shillong)

Wild Meghalaya And Nature’s Safari

Talk about wild lovers, the forests here are counted among the greenest forests in the world because of the highest rain count If there was ever land to feel nature’s kiss, then Meghalaya is that land. Meghalaya is a wonderland for wildlife. The state is gifted with species like the Red Panda, Gorillas, and Elephants, Gibbons, and more. Crack open this treasure chest of flora, fauna, and wildlife by visiting parks like Nokrek National Park, Balpakram National Park (where you’ll find the rare red panda), Siju Bird Sanctuary, and more., Apart from this, Mawphlang Sacred Grove has kept its place at number one in the greenest forest.

Here you will find Hill Mynah, Clouded Leopards, and Lady Sleeper Orchids which you find, here only.

Cities And Development Of Meghalaya

This state is known because of some of its characteristics, some things which are here or are the names of this state, the state is made up of a total of 11 beautiful districts, and the capital here in Shillong which is one of the most visited cities in India.

         Telling the story of roaming here and development here, districts like Shillong, Cherrapunji, Mairang, Baghmara, Resu, Nangpaon, Jowai, William Nagar, Tura, will be found and each district has its specialty,

               Along with this, a village here is famous all over the world for its cleanliness, which is called Mawlynnong village, and you will be very happy to come here because The tribe here knows very well to welcome the people and also to entertain them with their art.

Climate Of Meghalaya

March to June is considered the best month to visit here.

Behidinklam, Nangkrem, and Vangala are the major festivals that you can enjoy during these months.

Due to the beauty here, the forests here

has the status of “Asia’s Richest botanical habitat”.

Here every year there is the highest rainfall in the whole world and water in every corner (rivers, waterfalls, lakes, swamps, rain, shop, greenery)  Due to being this state is also called “words wettest place”.

Adventures And Activities

An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically bold, sometimes risky, or undertaking. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting, or participating in extreme sports.

Here you can enjoy a lot of Paragliding, Trekking, Boating, Clave Adventures Fishing, etc.

Along with this, football and golf clubs are highest here compared to other states of India. Due to all these characteristics, Meghalaya is also called Scotland of the East.

      Here is a list of adventure sports in Shillong that you should give a try when planning for a thrilling and exciting escape to Meghalaya.

  • River Canyoning.
  • Golfing.
  • Archery.
  • Water Sports.
  • Trekking.
  • Mountain Biking.
  • Cave Exploration.
  • Water Rappelling.

Cuisine Traditional Food And Taste

With its mesmerizing beauty, this state is not less than anyone in their never-ending tasty dishes culture cuisine.  Here Sheer Sevai, Putharo, Pumaloi, Tungtap, Khasi, Momos, are capable of bringing water to your mouth, And the Jadoh, Kappa, Sabudana Bada, Pickled Bamboo Shots will make you overeat, 

Kyat, Rice Bear, Shana Zheij, Sakin Gata, will tell you the account of the unique taste here, 

“Punch veggie make your stomach filled

and jalebi mind

rice beer baffle brain

Sheer Sevai is very kind”

Unique Style Who doesn’t love the great taste and healthy food who doesn’t love? And after a whole day’s fatigue, the food here adds to the hunger. Only Meghalaya can give you that kinda food.

Traditional Language And General Language

Most of the inhabitants of Meghalaya are Tibeto-Burman (Garos) or Mon-Khmer (Khasis) in origin, and their languages and dialects belong to these groups. The Khasis are the only people in India who speak a Mon-Khmer language. Khasi and Garo along with Jaintia and English are the state’s official languages; other languages spoken in the state include Pnar-Synteng, Nepali, and Haijong, as well as the plains languages of Bengali, Assamese, and Hindi.

Cultural Festivals And Dance

March to June is considered the best month to visit here.

Behdeinkhlam Festival, Nongkrem Festival, Shad Sukra, Strawberry Festival, Shad Suk Mynsiem, and Vangala are the major festivals that you can enjoy during these months.

And here you can see can enjoy the tribal dances and arts and can see yourselves living in a dream world. Here “Ka Pom-Blang Dance”  “Ka Shad shyngwiang-Thangiap Dance” and “Laho Dance will thrill you from foot to head and you will leave your fatigue here.

Finally, This Is Meghalaya

Due to the mountainous region, the love of discipline and culture of this state is still alive today, and walking here is no less than walking in a Disneyland story, So before Switzerland, Scotland spends your valuable time in this state and see the dream world in reality.

understood? why this state is called the home of clouds and Scotland of East is because here beauty resides in every corner.

If you are going to visit and have to relax the mind and body, as well as see every imaginary view of nature in reality. So pack up the bag and land in Meghalaya because if you don’t come here, where do you come?

“Uhmm heaven What is heaven? it’s Meghalaya mind it”

So see you on the next journey, thank you till then.

Thank You!