On hearing the name of Bihar, strange things start coming into people’s minds. For the last few years, many rumors have been spreading about Bihar. People are tearing the land of Bihar with bribery, nudity, and don’t know how the words are, But how much truth is there in this, how much rumor is there, only a person living in this state or a wanderer roaming this state can tell.

On the soil of Bihar, many kings ruled their kingdoms, this was also one of the states that suffered the most at the time of British rule, The history of Bihar has been a suffering state since then. 

                 “Bihar is a confluence of hard work and workmanship

                 Bihar is excellent in imagination, stamina, and sportsmanship”

Let’s see, forcibly facing rumors and torture and rejecting all these allegations, let us see the city of hard work which is called Bihar, 


People who consider Bihar as an uneducated state should know that Bihar is the place from where great men like Mahavir Swami, Gautam Buddha, Guru Gobind Singh lived. Buddhism, which is considered one of the largest religions in the world today, the founder of that religion, Shri Gautam Buddha, attained enlightenment and that Mahabodhi temple is located in Bihar, The world’s first largest university in Bihar “Nalanda University” is also located in Nalanda, Bihar. Which today has made its name in UNESCO World Heritage Sites Along with this, 75% of IPS IAS officers all over India also leave from Bihar.

Geographical View

from the geographical point of view, this state is the third-largest state in the country. And among the population too, the government here is now emphasizing renewal more than ever before and the work of reviving the ruined civilization is going on in full swing.

One of the major states of the Indian Union, Bihar is bounded on the north by Nepal, on the east by West Bengal, on the west by Uttar Pradesh, and on the south by Jharkhand. Bihar has several rivers, the most important of which is the Ganga. The other rivers are the Sone, Poonpoon, Falgu, Karmanasa, Durgawati, Kosi, Gandak, Ghaghara, etc.

The principal food crops are paddy, wheat, maize, and pulses. Main cash crops are sugarcane, potato, tobacco, oilseeds, onion, chilies, jute, and Mesta. Bihar has notified forest area of 6.22 lakh hectares, which is 6.65 percent of its geographical area.

More traces of tribal civilization have been found in Bihar than in other states of India.

Bihar Tourism

India is a vast and diverse nation. Each state boasts of its unique features. As soon as you cross over to one state from another, you will notice a distinct change in all possible aspects. An experienced eye will be able to spot the differences between the facial features as well.

Here the city of Patna is an example of progress, where the planet “Golghar” is located, which is famous for its design, by climbing here you can see the view of Bihar from one place, Apart from this, people from abroad come to see the beauty of “World Shanti Stupa” of Rajgir.      

          The Takht Shri Patna Gurdwara, Bihar Sharif Mosque, and Mahavir Swami Hanuman Mandir are the places where people of every religion bow their heads and give proof of how one we are. 

    Mahabodhi Temple Bodh Gaya tells the story of Gautam Buddha and Nalanda University How far our country has progressed Gives evidence of that fact, even today by widening the chest, then even UNESCO itself could not hold back from assimilating this heritage in itself.

You must have heard that song Mujhe Nau Lakha Mangwa De Re O Saiyan Deewane? Do not laugh, you must be thinking what is the meaning of this song at this place, yes it means because The Naulakha Palace located here in Darbhanga is the epitome of amazing beauty from which the name of this Naulakha necklace was taken.

Wildlife of Bihar

Who doesn’t like greenery? No other thing can give as much comfort as greenery gives. And every state, every country has its wildlife area, in which there are many types of animals, trees, plants, flowers, valleys, rivers, etc. 

The wildlife of each state is different, Bihar is one of them where lush green forests, blooming flowers bring a never-tired smile on your face, And the playful animals give you a different experience.

Peepal is the state tree of Bihar, while Kachnar has garnered the honor of the state flower. Apart from this, sal, salai, kendu, asan, Behera, Arjun, and paisar are other common trees, which grow all over the state. The western part of Bihar shares the damp climate of West Bengal. The concentration of the mahua trees is high in this area.

If you are lucky, you can spot one of the wild tigers, roaming like a king in the dense forests. There are five national parks in the state, which are secure abodes for the carnivores as well as the herbivores. Valmiki National Park is famous for its tiger sightings. Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary offers refuge to wild buffalo, rhinoceros, wild dogs, and flying foxes, leopards, and hyenas.

“Sanjay Gandhi Park” and “Valmiki National Park” are the main ones for wildlife lovers, about which the whole of India has been reading in history books.

The number of bird sanctuaries in Bihar is more than in other states, which is enough to attract tourists, And there is a proper place for people who love green places, especially for bird lovers, here Kusheshwar Panchi Vihar Udaipur National Park is Khash. who compel tourists to visit here.

Climate of Bihar

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in June, July, August, and September.

The weather here is normal. The most popular city in this region is Patna. So we will use the climate data of Patna to tell you more about which weather you can expect in Bihar:

Bihar has dry periods in January, February, March, April, November, and December.

August is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain.

Here every heart has different fun. 

Bihari Art and Culture

Bihar has a glorious past and a rich cultural heritage. The people of Bihar have preserved their rich tradition. 

The folk dances of Bihar are extremely enjoyable. Folk music is sung by people to commemorate some of the important occasions. The festivals are also celebrated with joy and happiness. The all-important Pitrapaksha Mela also takes place at Gaya in Bihar. 

They are moderate and generous masses maintaining their affinity with the deep-rooted culture of regional food habits and dressing senses overall Bihar is known for its Folk Songs, Art, Language, and Taste.

Regional Language of Biharis

Bhojpuri, Magadi, Khari Boli, Hindi, language speaking state Bihar is known for its language.

You Rahua and less than Ji, people here do not even call any enemy. Bihar, which has become an identity in itself with its language style, is not a heritage to be washed away in the windows. Rather, the chest is like a high mountain standing tall, which is discredited a lot, but the hardworking people here deny these things. Yes, due to its karmic power, most workers across the country come out of Bihar and it is a matter of pride that Bihar gives the maximum number of engineers and officers. Which is enough to make my chest giddy.

Famous Personalities of Bihar

The birth of Valmiki and Mother Sita, who wrote the Ramayana, is also proof of the sanctity of this earth.

  • Priyanka Chopra“, who has traveled from Bollywood to Hollywood, is also from Jamshedpur, Bihar.
  • Late actor “Sushant Singh Rajput” was also from Patna.
  • Shatrughan Sinha, the “khamosh” actor, was also born in Bihar. 
  • From Ramdhari Singh Dinkar to Rajendra Prasad, everything is the gift of Bihar, which proves the ability and intelligence of Bihar.

Cuisine, Taste and Food culture of Bihar

If you are fond of food and have a taste for indigenous cuisine, then come to Bihar, you will never feel cheated here, full stomach dishes are available for less money This state, which is full of delicious indigenous dishes, is very famous for dal bati and if you do not taste it here, it is useless for you to come, Apart from this, Chuda curd, Dal Bhaat, Khichdi Chokha, Litti Chokha, and especially fish rice are the main food here.

Thekua or khajuria or tikri is one of the most popular Bihari sweet snacks. This deep-fried mixture of wheat flour and jaggery is a must during Chhath puja. Rasiya, a special type of kheer or payasam too is exclusive to traditional Chhath. 

Traditional Bihari cuisine. Litti, Khichdi, Kadhi bari, Ghugni.

Bihari Appetizers. Phuchka, Chaat, Pakoda, Kachri.

Traditional Bihari Bread. Aloo paratha, Sattu Paratha, Naan, Roti.

Bihari Snacks. Samosa-Chutney, Flattened rice, (chooda) Muttor, Kachori-Ghugni, Dal Pith.

Shahi litchi fruit from Bihar has got Geographical Indication (GI tag), Muzaffarpur is famous for Shahi lychees.

“Spoons may not be found in plates here 

But the taste will be such that the plate will be licked”


“Ek Bihari Sau pe bhari” This proverb was made here and became accurate, people here, you will find hardworking, you will always be aware of your work and With their hard work, they will tell that their working style is strong and their spirit is high, here no work is considered small, big, every work has its respect. That’s why this city is known for its strength, 

                                      This incredible state has been hollowed out by politics, because of today’s B grade pictures, Bihar has reached a lot. It gives rise to an inferiority complex towards the people here in other states but in reality, this state is just the opposite and hardworking. You can see the wonderful confluence of art and culture of Vihar here in the recently opened Patna Museum. 

Jiya O Lala Of Bihar (Because the people here are not ashamed of their living and are top in intelligence)

Ek Bihari Sab Pe Bhari (that is, the hard work of the people here is more than in other places) 

Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Heritage, Art Culture, Bhojpuri Cinema, Famous Gardens, Birds If you want to see the unity of religions, world-famous places, the culture of indigenous delicious food, and hardworking people, then it is important to come to Bihar,

“So throw the rumors out of your heart, man

Pick up the Camera, pack the bag and explore the chain”