“Travel, they say, broadens the mind,

And makes a man so much refined.

It takes him to places far and wide,

And fills him with an unquenchable tide

A beautiful hill station located some distance from Nashik in Maharashtra, Igatpuri. I can say with certainty that if you are not from Maharashtra then you must have heard the name of this place for the first time that’s how much it is less known.

Away from the highly visited tourist places around the world, visiting this place will prove to be a value for money and a relaxing place for your body and mind.

Surrounded by greenery, adorned with beautiful garlands of small valleys, and clean rivers, and endowed with magnificent hills, waterfalls, and gardens, Maharashtra has been shaded by the shade of this city.


    The chirping of various species of animals and birds throngs the city. And it is not wrong to compare it to bali, and entitle it as “Mini Bali’.

“In Maharashtra lies a town

With mountains tall and valleys profound

Its name is Igatpuri, a place serene

A nature retreat, a traveler’s dream

The Western Ghats surround this land

With lush greenery at every bend

The misty fog that fills the air

Makes the landscape even more fair”

Distances from major cities

Mini Bali i.e. Igatpuri is a very sparsely populated and very less popular city of Maharashtra that remains underrated but its beauty can make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. This proves as a good choice for a stroller and a curious person.

So, if you’re coming from a big city, you can catch a train or bus straight to here. But, for some cities, you might need to change. If you’re flying in, Mumbai is the closest airport. From there, you can take a rental taxi or bus and reach here in about three hours.               

  • Rajdhani Delhi – 1327 km ( 24 hrs ) Agra Mumbai Highway
  • Mumbai – 120 km ( 3 hrs ) NH 160
  • Nashik – 45 km ( 1 hr )
  • Lucknow – 1260 km ( 22 hrs ) Agra Mumbai Highway
  • Kolkata – 1825 km ( 39 hrs ) NH 53
  • Kanpur – 1770 km ( 21 hrs ) Agra Mumbai Highway
  • Bhopal – 655 km (12 hrs) Agra Mumbai Highway
  • Bangalore – 1078 km (19 hrs) NH 48

Igatpuri Tourism

Talking about tourism, you will get to see and explore from religious philosophy to natural beauty, and historical places here. Along with this, arrangements for lodging are also available here, which will not be very luxurious due to being a multiple-exploration site but still will be functional.

You will find street foods, markets, etc. to eat here, these less crowded places will give you the best experience of your life. Your heart will say open social media and tell us that we also have a place like Bali.

Railway Dam

Railway Dam 

Located close to the railway line this is a wonderful place amidst magnificent valleys all around. Also, there is a lake here where people come to enjoy fishing, feed the fish, and see different types of birds.

Tringalwadi Fort

Tringalwadi Fort

Since it is close to the rainforest resorts, you can also stay here for a few days. You will get to see the Tringalwadi Dam under the fort, which gives a very beautiful view. Here you get Kaya Boats and Sailing Boats from Bodh Ghati Resorts. You can enjoy it with less expenditure. The Sahyadri mountain will be visible from all sides, on which you can enjoy a wonderful adventure, And you can explore this place as per your wish. From here you will also get to see the Kalsubai peak.

Pandav Leni

Pandav leni

A place any architecture lover will be delighted to visit Pandav Leni Caves, located in Nashik. Nestled on the plateau of Trivasmi Hills, the Pandavleni Caves are more than 20 centuries old. The caves are twenty-four in number and are believed to have been built by Jain kings. A unique specimen of architecture can be seen in every cave. It is reportedly a holy place where spiritual leaders were met by their disciples and followers.

Camel Valley

Camel Valley

At a distance of 1 km from Bhatsa River Valley Point and 4 km from Railway Station, Camel Valley Viewpoint is a convenient location located in Igatpuri. Situated on the Mumbai-Agra National Highway, this is one of the splendid views here and a must-include place during the trip.

One of the most astonishing mysteries of the city is Camel Valley. The valley gets its name from the rocky ridges and artifacts resembling a camel’s head or hump. From the viewing point, one can see the breathtaking panorama of the valley and its surroundings. The major attraction of the valley is the roaring waterfall that falls from a height of about 1,000 feet.

Bhowali Dam/Village

Bhowali Dam

Located about 15-20 minutes away from Mumbai-Nashik Highway is Bhowali village.

The moment you step into that village, you’ll be like, “Whoa! Am I in heaven or what?”. The entrance of the village has a slight climb up a hill with some very beautiful waterfalls on its banks. You’ll be surrounded by gorgeous gardens filled with the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen as you venture in. The more you’ll be blown away by the stunning natural beauty all around you the further you go. Around every corner, with breathtaking views of the dam and tons of streams and rivers flowing through the lush greenery there’s a waterfall. The air is so clean and refreshing, you’ll feel like you’ve been reborn. You won’t want to leave – its sheer, untouched natural beauty at its finest once you’re here, ! 

The best time to visit this place should be the monsoon. This place easily knows how to make a place in the hearts of tourists.

Bhilwara Waterfalls

It’s still kind of a secret spot so not many people know about it. You can really feel the beauty of nature and tap into your inner strength when you chill here. It’s totally untouched by modernization and human meddling, which makes it more beautiful.

Ashoka Waterfall

Ashoka Waterfall

Imagine how you would feel at such a place, natural pools built deep in the midst of thorny hills all around and their direct connection to the waterfalls!

The water is as white and clear as milk, accompanied by the loud chirping of birds and the scintillating fragrance of the air. All of these combine with the boundless beauty of nature, and the aroma of the earth adds to this symphony. One can only truly appreciate the experience of this amalgamation by visiting this place.

Since the film of Shahrukh Khan was shot here, so the local people here call this place by the name of Ashoka Waterfalls, the real name of this waterfall is Vihigaon Waterfall.

Kasara Ghat

Kasara Ghat

Situated between Igatpuri and Nashik, Kasara Ghat, is a relatively lesser-known destination in Maharashtra. Often referred to as the “Haunted Road”, this village has gained a reputation for spooky tales. However, the authenticity of these stories remains uncertain. To uncover the truth, one must visit and experience the place for themselves.

Vipassana Meditation Center

Vipassana Meditation Center

Organization that will make your life so calm, simple, and comfortable that you will fall in love with this place is Vipassana Meditation Center.

Founded by Gautam Buddha , Vipassana, is a meditation center that offers courses. It is among the biggest meditation centers globally, providing an opportunity to reflect on your life amidst breathtaking natural scenery.

“The Vipassana meditation centre here

Is a place for those seeking inner cheer

With tranquillity and peace abound

This spiritual abode is profound”

Ghatan Devi Temple

Ghatan Devi

Because the village is surrounded by ghats from all sides, hence the name. Half a kilometer away from the camel valley, just across the small road on the right-hand side is the temple of Ghatan Devi. Tringalwadi Fort is situated behind the temple. The mountains of Harihar, Durbar, Utvad, and Tryambak are adjacent to the fort.

Local people believe that she is the protector of the ghats, so they local people here also consider her their Kuldevi.

Climate and Weather of Igatpuri

Best Time To Visit Igatpuri > Weather, Temperature & Season

Monsoon of Igatpuri

The summer season is really hot, and cloudy, and the dry weather is warm and mostly clear. The right season for tourism will be rain because the views here become mesmerizing at this time.

Things To Do

Activities in Igatpuri

A range of adventure activities like trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, water rafting, etc that fill the holiday with fun, adventure, and excitement are present. The place will find both dramatic and exciting opportunities for travelers of all kinds and all ages. 

  • Boat Ride
  • Catching Fish
  • Night Camp
  • Tracking
  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • White Water Rafting
  • Meditation Activities
  • Enjoy Delicious Food
  • Enjoy The Resorts
  • Swimming In The Natural Swimming Pool etc.

Apart from this, you can enjoy the resorts here, you can also enjoy the traditional delicacies and Pahari taste here.

Hey, imagine having a blast in a place you’ve never even heard of! You’ll have new adventures, discover countless things and have a super pleasant time surrounded by nature’s best facilities. This is that place where you’ll feel your inner curiosity come alive, have a chance to reflect, and explore the serene greenery. It’s a hidden gem, not yet popular among people, but trust me, it’s like heaven on earth. So, when are you coming to unleash your inner explorer on this unseen journey to Igatpuri?

“So if you’re looking for a getaway so surreal,

Where nature’s beauty can heal and reveal,

The wonders of life, the secrets of the world,

Come to Igatpuri, a land of peace and behold”