From ‘Chocolate Lime Juice’ to ‘Kala Khatta’ our Indian cinema is just obsessed over Indian cuisine. What’s so special about it? Let’s find out.

Indian cuisine is known for its rich and flavorful dishes influenced by geography, climate, religion, and history. Although some consider eating with hands and spicy foods unhygienic, it’s important to understand the etiquette behind it.

Characterized by the use of different aromatic spices, herbs, and ingredients, there is a lot of potential that Indian food contains within itself. Just to begin with there are numerous techniques for making and eating food. In some places, you can see a big handi placed over a gas stove, a tandoor being prepared, or a big wok (kadhai in India) filled with hot oil. These all go into preparing food.

Indian food is like a symphony of flavors, and every ingredient has its own unique voice that contributes to the harmony of the dish.”


The taste buds of people here are activated typically by the addition of different kinds of spices to the food. Spices are the ones that make the food interesting and tempting in nature. Apart from them, there are several other factors that affect the flavors. 

Here’s a beginner’s guide to Indian cuisine: 


Spices of India

“Spices that dance upon the tongue,

Flavors that sing like a song,

Indian cuisine, a feast for all,

With dishes that stand tall.”

Salt, chili, coriander, and turmeric are basic spices that are more or less put into every dish. Apart from these, there are several other spices. Some spices are regional spices some are present throughout the nation. Indian cuisine boasts a vibrant tapestry of flavors, woven together by an array of exotic spices. These fragrant ingredients are masterfully blended to create an explosion of taste in every dish, adding a rich complexity and depth that is truly unmatched. As it is said- 

A Recipe in itself is soulless, one has to add spice to it to make it lively.”


From the north to the south,

And from east to west,

Each region boasts off its own,

With ingredients that are the best.

Have you ever tasted the vibrant and diverse flavors of Indian cuisine? If not, get ready to take your taste buds on a pleasurable adventure that promises to treat your senses like never before. India, boasts a colorful tapestry of regional cuisines that will leave you spellbound. Every region has a different culinary identity. When in India, one has tons of food choices. For breakfast, there is Maharashtra’s Vada pav, Punjab’s Chole Bhature, or South Indian Dosa, Vada, Sambhar. For lunch, there are many options for various regional ‘thalis’. And for Dinner, yet again there are many options. One can’t just get enough of Indian Food. 


Bread & Rice

Rice and bread, by the name of it, one might think what varieties can be made using these two simple ingredients? Welcome to India, where rice reigns as the quintessential staple, making its presence known in countless dishes as the principal ingredient. But lo and behold, the wonder that is Indian bread – a delightful assortment of naan, roti, and paratha – holds its own as a beloved and ubiquitous culinary icon. 

There will be hardly any household in which either of these two things is not made. These delectable bread are the perfect complement to savory curries and an array of other delectable dishes, making them a sought-after culinary treasure.


Indian food on banana leaf

Picture soft cubes of paneer, made from curdled milk, soaking up the flavors of a spicy tomato sauce. Or imagine the hearty comfort of a warm bowl of dal, a lentil soup that’s as nourishing as it is tasty. And who could resist the aromatic allure of aloo gobi, a dish that brings together potatoes and cauliflower in perfect harmony?

Vegetarianism is a significant aspect of Indian culture, offering a wide range of plant-based dishes that are both tasty and nutritious. Some popular examples include paneer, a soft cheese made from curdled milk, dal, a hearty lentil soup, and aloo gobi, a delectable combination of potatoes and cauliflower.


Indian Street Food

“From the humble street food vendors,

To the fine dining restaurants,

Indian cuisine is a celebration,

Of tastes that truly enchant.”

You’ll get to taste all kinds of delicious treats that showcase the country’s amazing culinary heritage.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a warm and crispy samosa filled with flavorful veggies or meat. Or how about trying chaat, a spicy and tangy mix of chickpeas, potatoes, and yogurt that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy? And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can’t miss out on trying vada pav, a mouthwatering Mumbai classic featuring a tasty potato fritter served on a soft bun.

Best of all, these street food delicacies won’t break the bank, and they’re a great way to experience authentic Indian cuisine. So why not treat yourself to a scrumptious adventure and discover the amazing flavors of India’s street food scene? Trust me, you won’t regret it!


Indian Desserts

Are you someone who loves to indulge in sweets? If so, you need to try the luxurious and decadent flavors of Indian desserts. Enjoy the rich, sweet, and crunchy flavor of milk, sugar, and nuts in every bite, satisfying your sweet tooth and leaving you wanting more.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the luxurious and decadent flavors of Indian desserts. Indulge in milk’s richness, sugar’s sweetness, and nuts’ crunch in every bite. Sink your teeth into the luscious sweetness of ras malai, a delicate cheese dessert soaked in syrup, or the irresistible temptation of gulab jamun, fried dough balls swimming in a sea of sweet syrup. And for a cool, creamy treat, savor the exotic notes of kulfi, a tempting ice cream made with condensed milk and infused with the delicate flavors of pistachios or saffron. Allow your taste buds to embark on a blissful journey of sweetness and delight with these tantalizing Indian desserts.


Eating food with hand

Indulging in Indian cuisine involves a unique dining etiquette. It’s customary to eat with your bare hands and remove footwear before entering a restaurant or home as a sign of respect for the host’s property.


“So come and savor the magic,

Of this amazing cuisine,

India’s culinary treasures,

Are sure to make you beam.”

Indian cuisine is seriously a treasure trove of amazing flavors and dishes that’ll blow your mind! From spicy to sweet, this cuisine has something for everyone, whether you’re a veggie lover or a meat fanatic. Try this bold and intricate taste profile that foodies worldwide love. Embark on a delicious journey today!You won’t regret it!

“Indian cuisine is a celebration of life, love, and food, and it’s a reminder that the simple pleasures in life can bring us the greatest joy.”