where your step forcibly told you to stay a little longer The views have just begun, in the blink of an eye, a new view will take you to the greenery and the divine era, Where you want to stay, where the adventure tells you in your ears, come a little closer to me, read me, drown in me, find me more, and get lost in me. 

Tripura is such a priceless heritage, where as soon as you get a view, you automatically start creating a visual scene in your mind that This is likely to happen in the future and your visual imagination gets wings in this state and you want to fly like a bird. This is Indian Supernatural State Tripura. 

Today we will not take you on an Imagination tour, but you will start imagining yourself. If you are an adventurer, you are an explorer, you are a lover of greenery. So guaranteed this article will hypnotize your mind. 

Sir, what Tripura is called a supernatural state, It is not called a supernatural state in vain. There are many beautiful secrets hidden behind this, from which we will bring down the curtain, today we will be crazier about you.  


The origin of the name of Tripura is still a matter of controversy among historians and researchers. 

Before the merger to Indian dominion on October 15, 1949, the princely state of Tripura was an independent kingdom under the Tripuri or Borok dynasty as independent rulers in world history is the only instance seen in Tripura where about 185 kings ruled simultaneously. 


Tripura is a state made up of 8 districts, which corresponds to the Gumti river, the river Gumti is also called the river that leads to the mysteries., You can imagine how thrilled Darshan will be when the name is like this. 

Tripura shares its national border with the east like Mizoram and Assam and its international border with Bangladesh, Whose land is also called the kingdom of divine idols, here it is believed that there are about 99 lakh 99 thousand 999 ancient idols and every idol has its own story. These sculptures have remained the center of attraction and discovery, which have been made in ancient times by cutting stones, on which the search and research continue even today.  


The main festival here is “Kharchi Puja” in which there are 14 different traditions worshiping the Gods and duly cultural programs, Participating in which is a different peace experience in itself, along with it there is Jull, Garia, and the major Ganges worship which will give the feeling of being in Norway. 


Tripura was earlier known as Kirat Desh then it was named Tripura.  

The development will not be found here, but the living, colloquial, food, modernity, cleanliness, and literacy rate will not be found less than any big state.  

There are 8 major districts in which Khowai, Kanchanpur, Vishalgarh, Unnakoti, Dharmanagar, Udaipur, Ambassa, Belonio, and the capital of Tripura and pillar Agartala are major tourist spots. 

            Talking about the dam, the Gumti river dam is prominent here. 


 We will start with the Ujjayanta Palace, whose architectural decoration and the Museum of Antiquities will introduce your eyes to the golden history of this place. 

If you are an explorer, then you will have to move towards Unakoti Rocks first, and believe me, if you have not gone here to India, then what a wanderer you are, 

Here the river is surrounded by forests on both sides and long forests, lush green forests among various animals, from the beliefs from ancient civilizations and These stones containing divine artwork will give you the best experience of your life, if you don’t get goosebumps then say, Along with this, the many explore caves here will give you new energy and stay, they claim that people coming here will have to take the help of boat to go here. And if you are crazy about artwork and samples, then first come to Neer Mahal, this is a palace built on the river, which alone has the power to give you a pleasant feeling of coming to Tripura. This palace made of white marble will steal your few hours through its best architect super artwork and you experience the supernatural thing. 

       If you are a lover of mountains, then Jampui Hills is one of the most famous and beautiful plains and mountains of India. When you reach here and “Wow” comes out of your mouth, then definitely give thanks to us. 

 If you are in love with water, Tripura is the city of lakes, Bijoy Sagar Lake, Chhabimura Lake, Dumbur Lake, they are four moons on the beauty of this place.  

“eyes will be able to veil relax 

When the boat will go to the lake in Tripura”  

If you like the culture and want to know the culture of Tripura then you should visit Heritage Park, Tripura State Museum, Rose Valley Amusement Park and the Indo-Bangla border. 

If we talk about faith, then India is at the top, and one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Mata Ambe, Tripura Sundari Shaktipeeth is located in Tripura. Where it is believed that when the parts of Mother Rani fell on the earth, ahead fell here, Apart from this, Jagannath Temple, Uma Maheshwari Temple, Bhubaneshwar Temple, Chaturdhwaja Temple, and Gado Miar Mosque will give you the experience of infinite peace and moments of happiness, 


If you come to Tripura, you will love nature and if you have a love for nature, then there is bound to be love for National Parks, Wildlife Preservations?  

Forests cover more than half of the area, in which bamboo and cane tracts are common. Tripura has the highest number of primate species found in any Indian state. 

                         If we talk about nature, a clouded leopard is found here which is found only in Tripura in India, the state symbol of Tripura is also the fire leaf monkey. Green Imperial Pigeon, Rose Chestnut, and Agarwood trees are a sign of love for nature here.  

                    Talking about the National Park, the “Clouded Leopard National Park” is the main visitor center here. Apart from this Rajbari National Park, Gumti Wildlife Birds Sanctuary, Rowa Wildlife Birds Sanctuary, Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary, and Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary are the major tourist spots. Which is capable of giving new energy to your excitement, never-tiring supernatural energy, is this place supernatural?  

Start your journey from Agartala because there are the most tourist and local places and facilities in Tripura. 

“I will give peace to the eyes  I will give rest to your mind on the stone of Unakoti 

Shiva’s life cycle will be seen 

In the work of Neer Mahal, You will see the pride of Tripura making a vow to Jagannath 

Leaning on Masjid-e-Miyar  

You in Ujjayanta Palace 

I’ll give you a break  Come relax at Nehru Park 

When tired in Dumbur Lake”


Tripura is not yet fully discovered, this is the reason why tourists mostly come here to do adventures,  

Generally, nomadic people also come here to research the tribes here, the tribe here is a little different 

And in the tribes here, the position of women is above men. In which the Rang tribe, Chakma, Helam, Garo, Lusai, and Marma tribes are prominent, who will make a place in your heart with their festivals and traditions, walking here is no less than visiting Africa.


Weaving, carpentry, basketry, and pottery are among the state’s most significant cottage industries. Notable products of small-scale industries include processed foods (especially tea, sugar, fruit, nuts, 

and spices), rubber products, and bricks. Yarn, jute, and steel milling, as well as wood and chemical processing, are among Tripura’s larger-scale manufacturing activities 

Cottage and small-scale industries account for most of Tripura’s manufacturing sector. 


Usually, the dance of tribes and local people also remains the center of attraction here, and by joining it, when will you also start moving towards positive energy, you will not even know if this supernatural thing happened?  

Goria dance, Hojagiri, Jhum dance, Bijhu, Momita, Mosake salumani, etc. are the main and attractive dances which have the power to immerse you in yourself. 


The behavior of the people here is very calm and the heart is open towards the visitor, they know the hospitality very well, It has a literacy rate of 61%, and is the third smallest state in the country in terms of landmass and population. 

The climate here is often humid and water will get you every step of the way. There are lakes and ponds. The weather is generally seasonal, but due to the mountains and humidity, the cold stays a bit more at night. 

 Cuisine taste and food of Tripura

With the standard of living and its hospitality, this pilgrimage also competes with everyone in the country’s food. There may not be big chefs here, but the taste is not less than a big “Chappan Bhog” enjoyment in the food made with love here, because here love is served with dishes on the plate,  

Mui Borok is the traditional food of Tripura. Tripuri cuisines are prepared using Berma (dried and fermented fish), a key ingredient. Bangui rice and fish stews, meat roasts, local herbs along with bamboo shoots, and fermented fish are very popular. Chakhwi, Mwkhwi, and Muitru are the major food items of Tripura. 

Usually, here Veg Chowmein, Momo, Dosa, Sandwich, etc are found in the street, And if we talk about traditional food, then here Mosdeng Sheerma, Bangui, Bamboo Stir Fry, Poda Pitha, Kasoi, Kothlon 

Khakoi Tomato Ombal Oven Bangvi, Tohan Mosdeng, etc. will make your tongue crackle,  

                              Talking about non-veg, thenthuk, tohan chokhawai, stir fry mushroom chicken, etc. are considered traditional food here. 

                                               And if you talk about veg thali, then Begun Bhaja, and Panch Phere Tarkari have the power to make saliva drip from the mouth and you must try the traditional food here once.


The land of Tripura has given many big names in the sports world, in politics, and also in the film industry, the famous lyricist composer, RD Burman Sahab used to belong from the ancestral family here, Along with this, SD Burman, David Dhawan, Varun Dhawan, and India’s poorest Chief Minister Madik Shankar were from here, Whose last detail of total wealth was only 5000 few rupees, is it not a wonderful thing?


The house wrapped in the finest carvings made of bamboo fills your eyes with dazzle, where almost every person dreams of staying, think Home to the best of bamboos, overlooking the forests and lakes, chirping of birds, scintillating traditional cuisine, a mesmerizing night, and an energetic morning How can such an experience can’t hypnotize anyone?

And the negative energy will automatically end in your mind and the positive energy will come home by itself. So you tell me how nature, culture, energy shows their supernatural creativity, how such a state will not be supernatural. So once you will come to see this supernatural state, you will definitely have the experience of many countries in one state, this is the claim of Tripura Tourism. So see you on the next journey, till then travel around Tripura well. 

“Your eyes explain greenery  

And heart explore the scenery  

You will get positive knowledge of life and creativity 

Can see Respect for India 

Coz here you get insanity”