Goa is a state on the southern western coast of India within the Konkan region geographically separated from the Deccan highlands.

By the western ghats it is the Indian state of maharashtra to the north karnataka to the east south with the Arabian sea forming its western coast. 

Goa is visited by large numbers of international and domestic and youngsters tourists each year because of its special attractions of the white sand beaches of goa.

It also has rich flora and fauna because its very close to western ghats and rainforests. 

History of Goa

The history of Goa dates back to prehistoric times through the present day state of goa was only established as recently as 1987. Goa history is both diverse and shares a lot of similarities with Indian history. In 1961 the Indian army invaded and annexed Goa after 36 hours of battle in 1987 Goa was granted statehood. 

Geographical View of Goa

Goa is located on the western coast of the Indian peninsula known as the Konkan coastal belt  Goa is boarded by the state of Karnataka on the eastern southern boundaries by the mighty Arabian sea on the western side Goa is located between latitude and longitude. 

The goa states is spread over an area of 3702 sq km and divided into two districts north goa and south goa

The sahyadri range in the western ghats mountains comes under the Goa biggest wildlife sanctuaries, the 105 km long konkan coastal belt across goa. 

The stunning beaches of goa are here main attractions of tourists 

Wildlife of Goa

Forest cover in Goa is diverse Goa is india smallest state term of area. Goa is India smallest state term area the fourth smallest in terms of population Goa located on the terms of population of Goa. The Goa region is known as the India Konkan forest cover. Most of the forest in by the government owned forest in the by the government owned forest is estimated at 12 24 38 area private given as 200km most of the forest in the state of eastern coastal forest are preserved. Goa wildlife includes teak sal cashew and mango pineapple trees foxes, wild bears and migratory birds found in Goa.

Special found woodpeckers beach mines and parrots are found in goa wildlife goa is about beautiful rich flora and fauna wildlife and birds sanctuaries in goa its obvious  to offer several amazing attractions and points there are 7 famous birds sanctuaries are famous for there vide varieties of birds scenes are here are eagles  dragon bird kingfishers kites sand squirrels are rare species for the birds sanctuaries are mentioned here

  • Salim ali bird sanctuary 
  • Bondla wildlife sanctuary 
  • Bhagwan mahavir bird sanctuary 
  • Molem wildlife sanctuary 
  • Cotigao wildlife sanctuary 
  • Mhadei wildlife sanctuary 

Places To Visit In Goa 

Paloem beach is a crescent shaped in stretch of white sand that overlooks the Arabian sea with sand. Palolem beach has a sun bath stand  in goa.

Calangute and Colbert beach   calangute and colva beach is. Most famous beach in goa especially among India tourists it has palm trees beach in goa

 The powerful waves scenery shores of the baga beach it is also a central hub for many beach parties and is one of the places to enjoy goa nightlife and beach parties.

Butterfly beach    butterfly beach is calm, tranquil and sends positive vibes home and its special hub for different species  of butterfly on butterfly beach.

There are also so many places like agunda fort casino planet goa museum and st cathedral church. 

Famous Market in Goa 

Goa offers the best sun sand surfing seafood are the most done things in goa shopping are form roadside market night market are famous in goa

  • Flea market at anjuna beach
  • Nights markets at arpora beach 
  • Tibetan market at owned baga beach 
  • Mapusa fish market 
  • Baga market on calangute beach
  • Panjim market 
  • Mackie night bazaars.

Food and Taste of Goa

Seafood coconut milk rice local species are main ingredients of Goa cuisine being a state with tropical climate the flavour are intense and the use of kokum is the special fruit of goa.

Being a neighbour of mumbai goa is available for maharashtrian street food also like vada pav and ragda patties pani puri and maharashtraian bhel.

In Goan food fish and seafood is not complete without fish, chicken and prawn. 

Kingfish is the most important. Other foods include pomfret shark tuna, markel fish, crab  and prawn. 

The is Goan food are lobster stew fish curry, grilled fish curry, fried fish kimmor fish curry and chi kodi fish curry and ambot tik a fantastic Goan dish made up of fish lobster and prawn. Sweet dishes of goa are kokum cupcakes and grape juices and grape ice cream  grape ice cream and kokum cupcakes special eats on Christmas and new year eve.

Best time to visit Goa 

Best time to visit Goa is in November and between February to may when temperatures are normal.

In winter times are mid December to January the best time is to travel to summer and winter to avoid the rainy season due to beaches and seashores.

Sport and things to do In goa.

Water sports bullet rides on sea sides boat riding water kayaking.

Goa is perfect spent of time

As youngsters goa attracts the youngsters and beach lovers and nature lovers goa is perfect for all nature photography.    

City and development of goa 

The goa and state urban development agency is considering all goa development now goa has become a smart city in maharashtra side. 

Goa is considered the emerging need for all round and smarter development of goa there under rated development of goa the goa government use the waste of beaches and river plastics use the same plastics and make roads in some part of goa.

Finally this is Goa 

The Goa is perfect for romance and family and solo trips because it offers the perfect sunshine sunset and beaches moonlight night parties are very exciting for younger travellers and Goa give the best scenic views to the nature photographers. 

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